Thu, Nov 4, 9:00pm - Dendy Newtown

John Alan Simon

118 min/USA/2010

From the mind of Philip K. Dick (the creator of Blade Runner, Total Recall, and A Scanner Darkly) comes his most personal and mind expanding tale: which is based on his real life experiences with an alien intelligence that he labelled VALIS. Director John Alan Simon has painstakingly adapted the novel to the screen, capturing the heady blend of paranoia and cosmic insight of Dick's original tale.

Radio Free Albemuth imagines an alternate reality, where America has slipped into the grip of fascism. A small group of dissenters – who are either the recipients of a divine message, or hosts to alien invaders from beyond the stars - are all that stands between the future of humanity and abject tyranny. Radio Free Albemuth with make you reassess the very nature of reality.

PLUS: Introduction by cult film critic and repertory cinema legend Jaimie Leonarder!

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